Motorola Rolls Out 'Krave' Touch-Screen Phone

The Motorola ZN4 handset has a large touch screen with an interactive clear flip top, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, and multimedia functions.

Motorola Krave ZN4

Motorola Krave ZN4
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Verizon Wireless subscribers seeking a touch-screen phone have another option, as the carrier and Motorola rolled out the Krave ZN4 on Tuesday.

The Krave has a 2.8-inch touch screen and an interactive clear flip screen on top of it. The design is reminiscent of Motorola's Ming line of smartphones, and users can get one-touch access to features and services without opening the phone.

"The clear, touch-enabled flip over the large, high-resolution touch-screen is nothing like you've seen and yet it's totally intuitive," said Ken Hallman, VP of Motorola's mobile devices, in a statement.

Users can make calls via the speaker or a Bluetooth headset without opening up the cover, or they can open it up to get the feel of a flip phone. The handset is a consumer-oriented device, but it does have access to Web-based and POP3 e-mail, 3G connectivity, and an HTML browser.

Motorola's touch-screen phone also has Bluetooth that can be used to pair mono or stereo headsets, transfer files, and more. The Krave also has expandable memory up to 8 GB via the MicroSD slot for additional music, videos, and other files.

The Krave has a full slate of multimedia options, as it supports the carrier's