Roundup: Google Chrome

Everyone's talking about the new Web browser from Google. Don't miss bMighty's roundup of the best Chrome coverage from our site, TechWeb, and around the Web.


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  • Some Google Chrome Problems Patched, Blended Threat Vulnerability Remains
    Update Google Chrome now! (We tell you how below.) A buffer overflow vulnerability in the new browser has been identified and patched but, contrary to early reports, the blended WebKit/Java vulnerability has NOT been patched yet.

  • Google's Chrome Dreams
    This week's big news: Google has put into beta an open-source Web browser of its very own.

  • Chrome Security Risks Already Announced
    Barely a day after Google's new browser was released, Chrome is showing some scratches, as researchers point out known security vulnerabilities that can put users at risk of malicious exploits.
  • Google Chrome: The Fine Print
    The new Web browser from the Googleplex is a brand new beta, but its most problematic feature isn't found in the technology. It's in the license agreement.
  • Google's Chrome: It's All About The Cloud
    Google's release of its new open source Web browser, Chrome, has everyone abuzz. But the most significant aspect of this new browser is its emphasis on running applications, not just showing pages. Time to hop on the cloud.
  • Google Chrome: What's Actually Inside
    When word of Google's new Chrome browser hit earlier today, everyone's first thought's went to what it means for the browser wars. But attention is already to turning to what the new browser actually delivers to Web surfers.
  • Google Chrome Offers More Choice Plus Comics
    Google's open source entry into the browser race is turning heads, not to mention burying buzz about the latest beta of Microsoft's IE 8. Despite the comic book announcement, it's no joke -- for small and growing businesses, increased competition is a good thing because it means better browsing options and more of them.

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