Significant Saving Potentials as Well as Opportunities and Risks in RFID Projects

News - August 23, 2004
International market research and market data firm Research and Markets has announced the addition of the research study "Saving Cash: RFID — What does it bring to the table" to their offerings.

The study points out significant saving potentials as well as opportunities and risks of RFID projects on the basis of five case studies: A branch of a department store, a branch of a supermarket offering a complete assortment of goods, a distribution center of a logistics company, a production center of a textile manufacturer and a production center of a food manufacturer.

More than 40 in-depth expert interviews with RFID users, vendors and system integrators are the basis of an extensive operational study on the economic viability of RFID. Based on data obtained during surveys conducted in Germany, this study presents detailed key figures of RFID projects: TCO (Total Cost of Operations), RoI (Return on Investment), and Payback Period.

The study also provides answers to crucial questions such as which companies should deploy RFID, what kind of saving potentials companies can expect over a three-year review period, and the cost incurred by companies through the deployment of RFID systems.

The study can be accessed through