German Retailer dodenhof Extends Customer Management Capabilities with Teradata

Retailer upgrades analytical CRM application and its underlying information platform to enhance customer interaction and grow loyalty program.
Upscale retailer dodenhof operates two of the largest shopping centers in Germany with special expertise in loyalty marketing, supported by analytical CRM tools on a data warehousing platform. The retailer interacts with customers across a number of channels including Web and e-mail in addition to its stores.

dodenhof has recently upgraded to Teradata Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Version 5.1, a newer release that extends and enhances user abilities in areas ranging from customer analytics to more personalized marketing. Because its data volume and customer base are growing, dodenhof has also expanded its Teradata Warehouse, which provides linear scalability to accommodate business growth. The addition of two more massively parallel processing NCR 5380 servers is complemented by Teradata consulting, implementation, and other services.

According to Oliver Dolleck, head of direct marketing at dodenhof, "Good customer relations are the key to securing profitable and stable growth for our company. With the data warehouse and CRM, Teradata offers powerful solutions that support strategic customer relations and help us to convert complex volumes of data into critical information."

Teradata warehouse solutions allow real-time access to business-critical information and data analysis, which forms the basis for broad-based CRM programs designed to further increase customer loyalty and retention while significantly reducing marketing and advertising costs. By enhancing its successful loyalty card system based on the Teradata CRM solutions suite, the company can now launch direct-marketing campaigns based on broader access to detail data from across the enterprise, enabling more efficient and effective personalized customer contact with improved business results.

The NCR 5380 servers selected by dodenhof are high-speed, high-performance, massively parallel processing systems designed specifically for large-scale data warehousing, able to expand from 400 gigabytes to over 200 terabytes. NCR 5380 servers expand incrementally as business demand increases.

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