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Four Things I'd Like To See At Cloud Connect

There are many issues that need to be resolved as the new cloud glitterati gathers in Santa Clara. But don't hold your breath.
Cloud Connect is a leading conference that brings together much of the cognoscenti of cloud computing. Google's director of engineering, Peter Magnusson; Cloudscaling CTO and prolific blogger Randy Bias; Zynga CTO Allan Leinwand; Rackspace Cloud founder and chair of the OpenStack Project, Jonathan Bryce; and Geva Perry, author of "Thinking Out Cloud".

But even so, I suspect these and additional distinguished participants will not have all the answers, try as they might. Some of this is due to the extremely youthful nature of cloud computing, where choices are proliferating perhaps faster than we can rationalize them. And in some instances, answers are hard to come by because vendors want it that way.

Here's some things I wish I could see at Cloud Connect, but don't expect to: