Corel's New Graphics Tools Are Picture Perfect

CorelDRAW X3 is a nimble -- and budget friendly -- choice for small business graphics jobs.

CorelDRAW X3 is a multipage editor, making it useful for creating documents like brochures and signs. Like Adobe's InDesign and Microsoft's Publisher, it is possible to flow text in columns from one page to another. All CorelDRAW's design tools are available as well, which lets users integrate line drawn images, text-on-curves, and bitmap images in a single work space.

There is much more to Corel's new package. Fortunately there is plenty of help for the uninitiated graphics worker, or even the experienced designer who needs to use a new feature. The package's low $399 price point makes it attractive even for die-hard Adobe fans faced with adding new applications or upgrading to the latest versions of applications they already possess.