RSA Launches Trojan-Fighting Service

The new RSA service is aimed at analyzing and blocking Trojans, while also shutting down their drop sites.
RSA, the security arm of EMC, is launching a service next month to shut down Trojan horse attacks.

The security company has developed a service that offers a layered approach to battling Trojans, which have been plaguing businesses and consumers in growing numbers for the past year. The service, according to RSA, will focus on identifying, analyzing, blocking, and shutting down targeted infections and drop sites. Drop sites, which also are known as drop zones, are the e-mail address or server where the malware sends the stolen user information.

The RSA FraudAction Anti-Trojan service is aimed at helping companies secure their organizations, brands, and customers from a new generation of malware attacks. These attacks, including session-hijacking Trojans and key loggers, are used to steal personal and financial information from consumers.

"Trojans and advanced online attacks are becoming increasingly prominent," said Avivah Litan, a VP at Gartner, in a written statement. "They are much less visible than phishing attacks, making them even more of a threat because it's difficult to educate consumers how to avoid them. Service providers should be proactive in protecting customers and their accounts, and we are beginning to see market solutions that help accomplish this goal."

RSA's announcement comes less than a month after a report came out showing that the Trojan's growing share of the malware world is expected to continue this year, as widespread worm epidemics continue to be replaced by targeted attacks on specific companies. The Kaspersky Lab report contends that the rise of the targeted Trojan attack will be a large part of the malware landscape this year.

A price for the RSA service has not been released.

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