Spam In The Enterprise

What are savvy companies doing to stem the amount of spam sent and received each day? Find out in this report.
Are your organization's e-mail systems inundated with spam messages? How isspam impacting employee productivity or your firm's IT resources? While spam is annoying to end-users, it's often not the top priority on the IT department's to-do list. However, according to InformationWeek Research's Spam in the Enterprise study, the amount of spam sent and received each day is growing at an exponential rate. What are savvy companies doing to fend it off?

This research brief provides a quantitative view of what spam-filtering tools and initiatives customers use. What's a typical amount of spam for a small, midsize or large company? And how much spam is blocked each day? Understand what other organizations are doing to boost the percentage of blocked spam, while attempting to minimize false identification of legitimate e-mail.

This 6-page brief examines the issue of spam at 550 sites. Business-technology professionals responsible for setting spam-filtering strategies and implementing initiatives share their plans. Use this study to evaluate your organization's current spam-filtering techniques and plan future strategies.

Pages: 6

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