Processes Get Smart

The key to designing smarter processes is measuring and analyzing process results to spot improvements. Bring processes to the next level by blending business activity monitoring and BI with BPM. Such combined approaches are paying off at Great Clips, TransUnion and DHL.

BI and BPM: A Marriage in the Making

It's easy enough to export process data to separate business intelligence tools. Or is it? Last year, a number of business process management and BI vendors formed partnerships.

Cognos, for instance, is working with EMC, FileNet, IBM and Savvion to link their BPM solutions with the Cognos 8 platform. TIBCO Software has integrated its business process suite with Business Objects XI. Metastorm and Hyperion Solutions are working on a similar connection, and Intalio is integrating its suite with Celequest's business activity monitoring software.

By integrating BI and BPM environments, you could launch diagnostic analyses in BI whenever process metrics fall out of tolerance. Conversely, events such as dashboard alerts originating in BI might trigger exception processes in the BPM system.

Several BPM vendors are developing or expanding BI capabilities built into BPM suites. For example, the just-released Appian Enterprise 5.0 BPM suite features "Analytics Everywhere" capabilities, and IDS Scheer's forthcoming Process Performance Manager adds BI features to the vendor's ARIS platform.

The market is moving in this direction, but the relationship between BI and BPM is too new--and out-of-the-box offerings too few--to call it a match made in heaven.

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