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5 Ways To Button Up Internet Explorer

We sniffed out five tools for Internet Explorer that can help lock down the browser and make online time at least somewhat safer.
RoboForm: Password Posse

Where Firefox has a built-in password manager, Internet Explorer, even IE 7, has nothing. That's a big omission in days when some passwords -- those for online bank accounts, for instance -- are exactly what attackers are after.

To fill the gap, you have to go outside IE, and while RoboForm isn't perfect, it's the best tool we've found.

First of all, RoboForm is free (though a Pro version with more features is sold for $29.95); second, it works with all versions of IE, including IE 7; and third, it adds commands and tools to IE's main and right-click menus so they're easily to get to.

Among its multitude of features -- one of our reservations about RoboForm is that it does too much -- are ones which memorize your passwords; generate long, more secure passwords; and encrypt passwords. The interface within IE is simple enough: you fill out a Web access form as usual with, say, username and password, then click the Save button in the RoboForm toolbar. Later, when you want to get into the site again, just right-click on the form, and pick Fill Form.

You can also put RoboForm and your passwords on a USB drive to take them with you to another PC, or as an added safeguard (since they're not on the hard drive, they can't be stolen by an attacker coming in through the Internet).