Enterprise 2.0 or Knowledge Management Warmed Over?

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Did you catch Tom Davenport's post on Enterprise 2.0? Tom has been locked in a gentlemanly debate with fellow academic Andrew McAfee over Enterprise 2.0, specifically whether we're talking about a truly big change in business technology and technology use or as Tom described it, "the next small thing". In this most recent post he describes his realization that Enterprise 2.0 is essentially Knowledge Management 2.0. Tom writes:

"Still, that E2.0 is the new KM didnt hit me for a while. But when Andy said the ultimate value of E2.0 initiatives consists of greater responsiveness, better knowledge capture and sharing, and more effective collective intelligence, there wasnt much doubt. When he talked about the need for a willingness to share and a helpful attitude, I remembered all the times over the past 15 years Id heard that about KM. When he described the need for lateralization (by which I think he means simply the lateral flow of information), I wasnt sure that a new word was necessary, because Ive heard about the same topic in old words for many years. "
Interesting point but traditional Knowledge Management is built as top down, monolithic software. Some of the newer KM suites are doing a good job moving to a more "2.0" approach but will we buy it?

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