Extreme Deals Proactively With Enterprise Problems

The portfolio of hosted services for shops with multi-vendor networks promises to help IT managers spot and fix performance issues related to ERP, IP telephony, and security, and other applications.
Too often, IT managers find themselves in a state of reacting after-the-fact to a network outage or serious application performance issue. IT organizations often don’t have the kind of proactive management applications to identify and resolve issues before they become full-blown problems. And in some cases where IT groups may have fairly sophisticated management solutions, they lack the resources to analyze the data. Enterprise equipment vendor Extreme Networks is answering the call for a more proactive solution with its Premiere Service Program, a portfolio of hosted managed services for multi-vendor networks designed to help IT managers spot and fix performance issues in order to maximize their business value of the infrastructures.

The Premiere Service Program focuses on several currently key areas of the enterprise management, concentrating on monitoring and reporting on IP telephony, security, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and transactional applications. Extreme’s Premiere Service Program consists of hosted managed applications that collected SNMP and other data from network devices and applications and then associate the gathered data to established performance benchmarks to help clients get a more accurate understanding of network performance. The portfolio includes a number of modules which examine areas such as network traffic analysis, security application optimization, convergence planning, and network costs and utilization.

Extreme offers an annual service plan which includes the delivery of reports on client foundation services on an annual, quarterly, and bi-weekly basis, offering bi-weekly conference calls highlighting specific issues. Clients receive alerts in real-time when a performance or utilization threshold has been crossed. The program can be customized to meet a business’ specific vertical requirements, and can manage multiple sites

Designed to be cost-effective for organizations of a variety of sized, clients have an option to have as few as 50 scaling to thousands of devices monitored. Extreme can deploy some of the modules within weeks. The service is available immediately.

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