Garmin's iQue M5 Heads In Right Direction

With the iQue M5, Garmin has really managed to put it all together by starting with a good Pocket PC and integrating a good GPS solution into it. Even with the cost of a required SD memory card, the device is several hundred dollars less than Garmin's own dedicated solutions. The M5 is an excellent option for those road warriors that not only want their names and address, but also want directions to get there.

One of the most compelling and many times overlooked applications for handheld devices is car navigation. While built in navigation systems from the auto manufacturers can add thousands of the dollars to the price of a vehicle, the PDA solutions offer similar capabilities for a faction of the cost. Prior offerings have been add-on GPS hardware and mapping software, but Garmin has gone one step further and released the iQue M5, a Windows Mobile Pocket PC with integrated GPS navigation.

As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed with the iQue M5. Along with the handheld, Garmin has included more accessories than other companies have available for their PDA. The package includes a leather flip cover, a desktop USB cradle, AC power adapter, and a windshield mount with a built in speaker and

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