In-line NAC Rolling Review: Nevis Networks

LANenforcer is at the head of the class in this Rolling Review thus far, though it does have room for improvement.

Monitoring and reporting are important features for any network device, but for security boxes tasked with blocking or allowing traffic, the ability to quickly drill down to a particular user or computer and see its status is critical for troubleshooting. LANsight's monitoring features are top-notch, giving informative, high-level, and detailed views quickly. While all NAC appliances log events, we found Nevis' presentation of event data easily accessible and useful. What's lacking is the ability to generate custom reports.

Bottom line, LANsight and LANenforcer have a few rough edges that could be cleaned up; in particular, improving the configurability of CEI, adding the ability to generate custom reports, and fixing the few imperfections in event searching would ease ongoing management. But overall, Nevis has a done a good job. We think the company's next steps should be focusing on more in-depth application support, a path ConSentry is already heading down, and/or deeper host assessment, one of Vernier's strengths.

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