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Do you wish you were a better manager? Tune in Wednesday at 3 pm ET and learn to improve a critical skill.
Meet Your IT Workers Of The Future
Meet Your IT Workers Of The Future
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Do you want to be a better manager? Do you have a manager that needs to be a better manager? According to the foreword of Gary Magenta's book, The Unbossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make You a Better Manager, "good managers listen, but great managers ask questions." These are the wise words of Gary Magenta's boss Jim Haudan, CEO of Root Inc. Magenta himself adds that "great managers think of themselves as CEOs -- Chief Engagement Officers." We've got a management crisis right now, and we've also got an engagement crisis. Could the two be linked? Tune in for the next installment of IT Life Radio, Wednesday May 20 at 3 pm ET for my discussion with Magenta to find out.

Spoiler alert: I think they are related. And I think Magenta's book shows why.

Magenta says in the opening to his book: "A dictionary defines 'manager' as 'one who handles, controls, or directs.' I've never wanted to be handled, controlled, or directed. Have you? These words are about telling people what to do … the outdated style of 'yelling and telling.'" Magenta has a different plan.

What is it? Well, I'll let him tell you. Tune in to the show to learn:

  • A much better way to manage people
  • What a real manager does to make sure he or she engages people and serves the strategy of the company
  • How to use questions to be a better manager

Gary Magenta is a senior VP of Root Inc., a consulting company aimed at helping organizations execute their strategy through people. As the author of The Un-Bossy Boss, he's a frequent speaker at client events, industry conferences, and business strategy and human resources seminars. 

If you want to learn to be a better manager, or at least one that doesn't make your employees seek jobs elsewhere, you could do a lot worse than listening to Magenta. Tune in Wednesday May 20 at 3 pm ET to learn the questions you need to be asking to be a better manager.

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