Linspire Releases Desktop Linux Operating System Called Freespire

The Debian-based desktop combines open source code with some proprietary drivers, codecs, and applications.
Open source developer Linspire on Wednesday launched Freespire 1.0 desktop Linux operating systems, a free Debian-based OS combined with proprietary drivers, codecs, and applications.

The new desktop OS features third-party software for many product situations where no open source solutions currently exist, Linspire said. Freespire covers a variety of product categories ranging from MP3 and Java to Wi-Fi and modems, Linspire said.

"Freespire provides a free marketplace for any and all Linux software, including proprietary, open source, free and commercial products," said Kevin Carmony, Linspire CEO, in a statement. "All vendors are free to participate and offer their wares, and buyers are free to choose from the different wares without limitations or restrictions."

A special version of Freespire without proprietary software is also available, Linspire said.

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