Logical Apps Adds HR And Payroll Controls To SOX Suite

Pre-bundled controls provide prevent segregation-of-duties conflicts and monitor change controls of employee data.

Logical Apps, an Irvine, Calif. developer of application control software, recently added pre-bundled HR and Payroll controls for its Sarbanes-Oxley compliance software suite.

The new software enables CFOs and CIOs to quickly enforce internal control policies and automate critical processes within Oracle E-Business Suite at the application level, according to Logical Apps. The controls address close to 100 segregation-of-duties conflicts and monitor close to 300 change controls related to HR and Payroll, while also providing a full audit trail, the company said.

"Because of government regulations, there is a recent trend that company boards and executive management are more frequently demanding assurance that critical information in enterprise resource systems is secured from either accidental errors or intentional manipulation," said Chris Capdevila, CEO and co-founder of Logical Apps, in a prepared statement. "Our pre-bundled solution enables IS management to hide sensitive data, like employee social security numbers and salary history from users that do not need the information, as well as prevent unauthorized access to job duty conflicts, like entering a new employee into the system and processing the employee's paycheck."

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