Logitech Acquires SightSpeed

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Logitech announced today that it is acquiring SightSpeed, a personal and small group video conferencing service. I've been following SightSpeed since its inception, its initial claim to fame was high video quality across the Internet, and an easy to use interface. It has faced growing competition from services such as Skype, ooVoo, iChat AV, and IM services that have added their own video capabilities, while at the same time it has raised the bar by delivering low-cost small group conferencing and adding voice capabilities. It has also grown via channels such as Dell.It's too soon to know what the Logitech acquisition means. Obviously this is an interesting move for Logitech given that it has historically focused on the device market. Now it has effectively become a service provider. I'm guessing from Logitech's perspective, the ability to deliver a Logitech-branded video conferencing service will spur growth of their web cameras. In their press release, Logitech notably mentioned a goal of integrating video conferencing with the living room (i.e. television) experience.Still, this move is further evidence of the growth of video conferencing in all forms. After more than 40 years of promise, the age of video calling may finally be upon us.