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You have one chance to guess what the most-returned gifts were this

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Jan 31, 2008

Editor's Note

Consumers Not Smart Enough For Smartphones

You have one chance to guess what the most-returned gifts were this holiday season. If you guessed smartphones, you'd be right. A new survey from Opinion Research Corp. shows that 21% of gifted smartphones were returned to the store. The reason? Inability to understand the product set-up process. Perhaps smartphones aren't ready for prime time after all.

That's really shameful. One in five people found smartphones so difficult to set up that they gave up and returned them to the store. Hardware manufacturers, wireless network operators and software/platform creators should be red-faced with embarrassment.

"Irreparable damage to a brand's reputation and perception of the company itself is at stake when a product is not easy to setup and use," says Kevin Wood, senior technology analyst at Opinion Research. "Nearly 16% of the respondents we surveyed indicated that their poor setup experience significantly worsened their perception of the company that manufactured the product."

Did you hear that, product managers? How do you explain yourselves?

Unfortunately the study doesn't dive into which models or platforms in particular were most returned. That sort of data would be very revealing, and even more embarrassing for the companies responsible for creating impossible-to-understand products. The study is slightly skewed in that it did not include the Apple iPhone nor BlackBerry devices from RIM in its questions. I am sure people returned those devices as well, but at what percentages we'll never know.

Some smartphones are easier to use than others, there's no doubt. But if one in five regular people can't figure them out, what does that tell us? The user experience is not getting the job done right.

What do you think? Are smartphones cut out for daily use by your average Jane and Joe? Do you have a story of your own, perhaps about a relative who was gifted with a device this past holiday season? Come to my blog and post a comment with your thoughts.

Eric Zeman
[email protected]

Quote of The Day

"We expect new innovations like SAP Business ByDesign to help us capture tremendous opportunities in untapped segments in the mid-market, to augment growth going forward" -- SAP Chief Executive Henning Kagermann.

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MP3 Unplugged: Rethinking The Digital Music Future
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White Paper

Windows Mobile-Based VoIP For Smartphones Offered

Raketu says its software helps people make cheap international calls in more than 40 countries.

Internet Services In Egypt And India Disrupted

A breakdown in an international undersea cable network that disrupted Internet links to Egypt, India, and Gulf Arab countries on Wednesday could take several days to repair.

Holy Halftones! Microsoft Launches Comic Featuring Superhero Techies

The Heroes Happen Here comic strips are being created by Jordan Gorfinkel, a former DC Comics editor who helped revitalize the Batman series.

Sex To Spice Up U.S. Cell Phones In 2008

Advanced phones with better Web browsers like Apple's iPhone are ripe for hosting free adult content, one keynoter suggests at this week's Mobile Adult Content Congress.

Fortress-Backed Company Sues Nokia Over Patents

IP-Com decided to sue Nokia after the mobile-phone maker refused to pay $17.77 billion for patents purchased last year.

Consumers Confused Over Transition To Digital TV

Consumer Reports says its survey results indicate that the government's public education campaign isn't working.

Internet-Enabled Gadgets Shipments Exceed 60 Million

The market for IP-enabled consumer electronics hasn't reached hypergrowth, outside of game consoles, according to an industry survey.

Innovative Ways To Manage Content Seen At DEMO

In what could be called Content Management 2.0, companies are showing off new ways to manage and distribute content to fixed and mobile devices.

Davidson Companies Reports Data Breach Affecting 226,000 Clients

The company reportedly hired a testing company last September to assess its IT security and the firm's hackers did not find any holes.

Dell Shutters Mall Kiosks In U.S.

Faced with lagging sales, the company last year moved quickly to add retailers as an option for people considering a Dell system.

Laptop Stolen With Personal Data On 300,000 Health Insurance Clients

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is offering its members free credit monitoring for one year as a result of the security breach.

Microsoft's IGMPv3 Vulnerability Can Be Exploited

Immunity Inc., a Miami computer security company, has posted a Flash video that demonstrates a proof-of-concept exploit of the networking protocol flaw.

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Consumers Are Not Smart Enough For Smartphones
You have one chance to guess what the most-returned gifts were this holiday season. If you guessed smartphones, you'd be right. A new survey from Opinion Research Corp. shows that 21% of gifted smartphones were returned to the store. The reason? Inability to understand the product setup process. Perhaps smartphones aren't ready for prime time after all.

Steve Jobs Reassures Employees After Apple Stock Slide
Apple chief executive Steve Jobs sent an e-mail to employees to reassure them that Apple investors will soon recoup their losses, and more, according to a report in "As you can see, we have outperformed many other blue-chip tech companies, including Google," he said. "I continue to believe that our fundamentals -- our remarkable people, our clear and focused strategy, our new product pipeline, our 200+ retail stores, our $18 billion of cash in the bank with no debt, etc., will serve us well in the coming months and years."

Intel A Green Giant
Intel is now the single largest corporate purchaser of green power in the United States, according to the EPA.

What Matters Most About Your Job In Uncertain Times?
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Coming Soon: Better Mobile Linux-Powered Handsets
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Data Center Transformation
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Maximizing Value Report: A Benefits Analysis of 100 SAP Customers Worldwide
Our research into 100 SAP companies investigated the experiences and benefits of comprehensive solutions across a diverse set of industries, geographies and company sizes.

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