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The Firefox Guide: You Want It, We Have It

One-stop shopping for all of your Firefox needs: Tips, tricks, extension picks, and a soup-to-nuts review of the world's most popular open-source browser.
Mozilla's Firefox browser has become one of the hottest applications available today. Word is getting around that, besides not being vulnerable to the same malware attacks that are plaguing Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it's an excellent browser.

Several of Pipeline's editors share this enthusiasm, and have written articles and reviews covering some of the best features of Firefox. In order to help users get the latest Firefox tweaks and fixes, here is a ongoing roundup of the how-to articles we've put together.

Check back to find out what's been added.

Making Book On Firefox
The authors of "Firefox & Thunderbird Garage" offer their opinions on the past, present, and future of the two Mozilla apps.

My 14 Favorite Firefox Extensions
Pipelines Senior Editor Mitch Wagner describes his personal favorites.

Firefox Fans Talk Back
Readers respond vehemently to Fred Langa's article on the pros and cons of Mozilla's popular browser.

Langa Letter: The Pros And Cons Of Firefox
Fred Langa explains why he thinks that Firefox is a good browser, but not the panacea its most ardent fans think it is.

Firefox 1.0: The New World Wide Web Champ?
Scot Finnie's original and very detailed review of Mozilla's browser, updated on December 20, 2004.

Fire Up Firefox: Our Favorite Extensions
Several Pipeline editors get together to extol the virtues of their favorite Firefox extensions.

Make Firefox A Perfect Fit
Scot offers insights and links to a long list of installable extensions and user-configuration tweaks that provide dozens of improvements.