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If your IT department isn't pals with legal, now's the time to strike up a friendship. Both departments

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Editor's Note

IT and Legal: Best Friends Forever

If your IT department isn't pals with legal, now's the time to strike up a friendship. Both departments must work together to produce e-mail and files related to litigation, otherwise known as e-discovery.

E-discovery is the word of the week at this week's LegalTech show in New York City. Vendors are touting a spectrum of products to help IT and corporate lawyers get their hands on relevant electronic documents, ensure those documents can't be tampered with, and pump them into the applications used by legal counsel.

Just as important as products is close cooperation between your IT and legal departments. IT must help legal understand concepts such as metadata, archives and tiered storage so the lawyers can more accurately describe to IT the scope of a discovery request.

If IT and legal aren't on the same page, the lawyers may find themselves in trouble if they present an incomplete set of data to opposing counsel and judges.

IT also can expect some education. For instance, it will have to develop processes for legal holds, in which messages or files that fall under the scope of litigation must be stored in such a way that they can't be changed. Users that have access to information under legal hold have to be notified -- and prevented from accessing and changing that information. IT may also have to be brought up to speed on legal requirements for electronic evidence.

Of course IT may find its relationship to be a friendship with benefits: the money for e-discovery hardware and software often comes from legal budgets. And the policy and processes that define an e-discovery system can form the groundwork of an information lifecycle management strategy -- resulting in further efficiencies in storage management.

What's the relationship like between your IT and legal departments? Let me know by leaving a comment following my blog post.

Andrew Conry-Murray
[email protected]

Quote of The Day

"I don't care how much power, brilliance, or energy you have, if you don't harness it and focus it on a specific target and hold it there, you're never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants." -- Zig Ziglar

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Security Warning 2008: Top 11 Malware Threats To Watch Out For
Here's a heads-up on the evolving security threats we can expect to see in the coming year, including emerging menaces such as badvertising, adsploits, anti-social networking, lieware, and whaling

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White Paper

Consumers Favor PINs Over Banks' Debit Payment Needles

Contact-less and signature-based authorizations are not preferred because consumers believe the methods favored by banks are less secure, a Gartner survey found.

Google News Adds Local Content

Users can get local news by typing a city name or zip code into Google News.

Narrowing Loss, EarthLink Seeks A New Strategy

CEO Huff says he's committed to selling off the municipal wireless broadband business, but admits that he hasn't yet found a buyer.

SugarCRM Goes Mobile, Obtains Another $20 Million

The "click and run" Mobile Edge Express app is designed for small and medium businesses user who want to get SugarCRM information on their BlackBerry devices.

Wikipedia Refuses To Delete Picture Of Muhammad

About 100,000 people have signed a petition asking Wikipedia "to respect the religion" and takes aim at the image with the Muhammad entry

Beceem Bolsters WiMax With Clearwire Agreement

On the heels of renewed talks between Clearwire and Sprint, the future of the high-speed broadband mobile technology is looking up.

Sun Delays Rock Processor By A Year

Rock is the first UltraSparc CPU to implement scout threads and transactional memory, increasingly important features for multicore processors.

Ericsson Offers Mobile Multimedia Platform

The U500 can be deployed in phones or other devices to offer features such as a camcorder, camera, 3-D gaming, CD quality audio, and high-res video for mobile TV.

Major Tech Companies Join OpenID Board

The addition of Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo is expected to help build support for a single Web sign-on service.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Price Slashed By 50%

Microsoft's price cut suggests the company is unlikely to ever introduce a version of the Xbox with an integrated HD DVD player.

eBay's Plan To Eliminate Negative Buyer Comments Draws Fire

eBay says sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral feedback about buyers.

Apple Fixes QuickTime Bug

The update addresses a vulnerability in QuickTime's handling of RTSP and restores compatibility with Adobe After Effects.

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When Will The Era Of Push-Button Publishing Arrive?
It seems like I've been on a quest to find easy ways to publish content to the Web since the middle part of the '90s. The toolsets I've used and the battles I've fought would make a hell of a scrapblog.

Will MS + Yahoo = The Death of Zimbra?
One of Yahoo's acquisitions back in September '07 was Zimbra, an open source (MPL) groupware product that's garnered a reputation as a solid alternative to Microsoft Exchange.  Now, with Microsoft prepping a potential buyout of Yahoo, there's real fear in the air that Zimbra may be one of the casualties.

EBay's Feedback Changes Are Bad News For Buyers
Whatever happened to Web 2.0 openness at eBay? That's what many sellers are wondering, now that the online auction powerhouse is killing its long-time policy of letting sellers leave bad feedback about buyers Sure, there are abusive sellers who vindictively post bad ratings, but warts-and-all feedback is eBay's one market-policing mechanism, Now, as Ars Technica correctly puts it, eBay will have "no real feedback." Here's the deal.

Saks CIO Retires
High-end retailer says it will do without the position for the time being. No CIO? Say it ain't so!

IT and Legal: Best Friends Forever
If your IT department isn't pals with legal, now's the time to strike up a friendship. Both departments must work together to produce e-mail and files related to litigation, otherwise known as e-discovery.

Voce, MVNO To The Elite, Abruptly Goes Offline
The last 12 months have seen the death of many an MVNO. None of the flame-outs have had the same, dark, seedy, Hollywood noir endings that Voce's did. It started when Roy Kosuge, COO of Voce, got out of bed last Friday morning. Upon checking his cell phone, he found out it, along with his company, was dead. (Queue dramatic '50s movie score.) Voce treated its premium customers to a premium "buh-bye".

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