Wireless ISP Starts Large WiMAX Network

U.S. Wireless starts to deploy pre-WiMAX service for its enterprise customers in an 11-state area.
Regional wireless ISP U.S. Wireless said Wednesday it is starting to deploy a pre-WiMAX throughout its 3000 square mile service area.

The company covers portions of 11 states ranging from Arkansas and Texas to Pennsylvania. It said it has started deploying equipment in those service areas from Aperto Networks. The ISP aims its services at enterprises.

The company has already installed some pre-WiMAX service and, in March, it launched wireless voice-over-IP service in some of those areas. It also has been acquiring smaller wireless ISPs and has said it intends to become a national vendor.

U.S. Wireless did not say when the deployment would be completed. The equipment is upgradeable to fully-certified WiMAX after certification testing is completed alter this year.

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