Canadian iPhone 3G Service Plans Require 3-Year Contract

Rogers said there would be no unlimited data plans, and prices range from $60 to $115 a month.
Canadian wireless customers learned how much it will cost to use the upcoming iPhone 3G as Rogers Wireless unveiled a variety of voice and data pricing plans.

The plans range from $60 to $115, will require a three-year contract, and Rogers did not say how much the handset will cost when it arrives July 11.

The cheapest monthly plan costs $60, and it comes with 150 minutes of voice calling, with unlimited evenings and weekends, 400 MB of data, 75 sent text messages, and unlimited incoming texts and visual voicemail messages.

The $75 plan will net consumers 300 weekday minutes, 750 MB of data, and 100 sent texts. The $100 plan is good for 600 minutes, 1 GB of data, and 200 sent text messages.

The most expensive plan runs $115, and subscribers get 800 minutes of daytime calling, 2 GB of data, and 300 sent text messages.

Rogers calculated that the plan with 400 MB of data represents up to 200,000 text e-mails or 3,100 Web pages. The 2-GB plan is the equivalent of 1,048,000 text e-mails or 16,000 Web pages.

Users of the Apple's handset typically use more data than other smartphone users. Because the latest-generation iPhone will have 3G capabilities, Canadian customers may quickly hit their data limit. But each of the service plans comes with unlimited access to all Rogers and Fido Wi-Fi hotspots.

By comparison, AT&T will be the exclusive U.S. carrier of the iPhone 3G. Subscribers have to sign up for a $30 unlimited data plan in addition to a voice plan that starts at $39.99. It is unclear how much text messages will cost at the moment. AT&T requires a two-year contract.

The original iPhone has already sold about 6 million units while only being available in six countries. The iPhone 3G will debut in 22 countries, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs said it eventually will be sold in 70 countries.