iPhone Support Added To Sybase's Mobility Software

The software extends enterprise-grade e-mail and personal information management to mobile workers with an iPhone, Symbian, or Windows Mobile smartphone.
Sybase released Monday the latest version of its enterprise mobility software, and it adds support for Apple's popular iPhone 3G, to go along with compatibility with smartphones powered by Windows Mobile and Symbian.

The company's iAnywhere Mobile Office suite extends enterprise-class e-mail and personal information management to a mobile workforce. The latest version includes enhanced network security, a Web service interface for managing the servers, and increased abilities for end users. For example, a mobile user can now approve expense reports or utilize CRM software on a handset.

"Enterprise users are looking to do more with mobile devices," said Willie Jow, Sybase's VP of mobility product marketing, in a statement. "The latest version of iAnywhere Mobile Office empowers workers to securely conduct time-sensitive business processes on a variety of mobile devices."

The inclusion of the iPhone is an indicator that Apple's smartphone is gaining traction on the enterprise level. The device is extremely popular with consumers, but it's still thoroughly outpaced in the corporate environment by Research In Motion's BlackBerry. Apple's iPhone 3.0 software could potentially boost corporate adoption because it opens the door for multiple business applications. For example, Oracle recently showed off an enterprise-focused app that pulls data off a back-end server and utilizes the push-notification service to notify and e-mail the end user.

"Today's wireless consumers have grown accustomed to feature-rich functionality and extensive access to personal data, which is carrying over to the enterprise. The recent iPhone OS 3.0 release supports this transformation," said Raj Nathan, Sybase's chief marketing officer, in a statement. "As the demand for wireless device usage and access to corporate data in the enterprise continues to grow, only solution providers with extensive mobility expertise and a single, comprehensive mobile platform such as Sybase will be in a position to fulfill requirements of the next generation workforce."

The software suite is available now, and there's a free 30-day trial version. The iPhone client has to be downloaded from the App Store.

Companies can use smartphones to boost a road warrior's productivity without breaking the bank. InformationWeek looked at low-cost, low-risk technologies to help mobilize your workforce, and the independent report can be downloaded here (registration required).