Apple's Reveal: What Was Missing

Apple showed off new iPads, MacBooks, and applications Tuesday but left out some key improvements we were expecting.
Keyboard Accessory

Though the rumor popped up only in recent weeks, some thought Apple would introduce a new keyboard cover for its iPads. If you want a keyboard for your iPad, you'll need to rely on Logitech or Zagg to provide the goods.

New iPods

Apple did not refresh its lineup of iPods this year. It has adopted an every-other-year refresh cycle for its dedicated media players, but their future is somewhat questionable. With the iPad Mini starting at $299, there's not a lot of room for a $199 or $299 media player in Apple's lineup.


Apple didn't announce a smartwatch. Though multiple reports this year have suggested such a device would arrive this year, it looks like that won't be the case. Apple did not answer the challenge thrown down by Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Instead, it appears as though the company will wait until next year to offer its own smartwatch.

Revised Apple TV

Apple has kept its long-time hobby just that: a hobby. Apple refreshed the internals of its TV accessory earlier this year, and despite many reports to the contrary, it didn't provide a brand-new device, nor even significantly update the software of the existing device. Apple has been coy about its long-term intentions with the Apple TV. If and when it will ever get serious about its hobby is anyone's guess.

Lower Pricing

Rather than reduce the price of its tablets, Apple is playing the same game with the iPad and iPad Mini that it is with the iPhone. Last year's iPad Mini will live on alongside the iPad Mini with Retina display, albeit for less money. Apple reduced the price of the Mini to $299, while the Mini Retina starts at $399. Similarly, Apple has kept the iPad 2 in its lineup for $399 and the iPad Air starts at $499. Apple did not drop its least expensive tablet anywhere near Nexus 7 territory.

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