AT&T, T-Mobile Add Unlimited Call Plans

Verizon owned Tuesday's spotlight for just a few hours: As expected, mobile phone carriers AT&T and T-Mobile have announced their own flat-rate plans for unlimited, domestic wireless calls.AT&T's $99.99 monthly package matches Verizon's in terms of offerings; T-Mobile throws in unlimited text messages for the same price.

"This very well could be the beginning of a significant price war," an analyst told The Boston Globe. "Once you have an all-you-can-eat plan out there, voice minutes become a commodity."

That, no doubt, would benefit the bottom lines of the ever-mobile SMB workforce.

Sprint, the only other major carrier that has not stepped up to plate, did, in fact, test a similar plan in select U.S. cities and is evaluating the results, the company said.The Boston Globe

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