CollabNet Acquiring ScrumWorks Maker Danube

Danube is a supplier of Scrum project management software for Agile development. Terms were not disclosed.
CollabNet, supplier of the Subversion open source change management system, has acquired Danube Technologies, a supplier of a key management piece of software for Agile development, ScrumWorks.

Agile development processes have taken over many enterprise development projects, with their incremental project steps, swift iterations, use of business user feedback and quick testing of new code. One phase of Agile development is often referred to as a Scrum, where a cross-functional team pushes together to reach a short term goal in one phase of the project, sometimes called a sprint.

Danube, a 30-employee company in Bellevue, Wash., is a leading supplier of Scrum project management software and a company that provides Agile development training and consulting.

CollabNet CEO Bill Portelli declined to say how much CollabNet was paying for Danube but said both companies were privately held and profitable. CollabNet was founded in 1999 as a supplier of commercial support for Subversion, a version change management system widely used by open source development teams and enterprise developers in distributed projects. Subversion now has five million users, the CollabNet Web site claims, and CollabNet has 260 employees.

Portelli said the two companies were a fit because CollabNet has ties to many Agile development teams in its customer base through both Subversion and TeamForge, CollabNet's software management platform that starts with Subversion change management and adds Agile-oriented requirements capture, "the heavy lifting coding," and testing, said Portelli.

It also includes discussion forums, integrated wikis, and other aspects of managing an application and development team as an application goes through its lifecycle. TeamForge can be used as on-premises software or an on-demand application hosted by CollabNet.

CollabNet will take ScrumWorks and will "marry the Scrum project management technology with the TeamForge application life cycle management delivery platform," Portelli said in an interview.

Jay Lyman, analyst with the 451 Group, said the acquisition appeared to be a fit. "As enterprises increase their use of agile application development methods, they need a way to manage agile teams... (CollabNet) also sees opportunity in Danube's team of Scrum trainers, who help to broaden the (TeamForge) framework's use. The companies also share a similar culture in their common focus on developers and Internet-based collaboration," he wrote in a Feb. 23 report, the day after the acquisition.

ScrumWorks will continue as a stand-alone product sold by CollabNet for $289 per user per year; it will also be bundled into TeamForge, priced at $4,995 for 25 users per year, plus $695 for each additional user per year.

CollabNet in Brisbane, Calif., employs several committers and developers of the Subversion open source code project. Committers review and test submitted code before it goes into a build for the general system.