Despite Some Bumpy News Recently, Will the Wireless Industry Shine Next Week?

It's been a rough couple of weeks, folks. Lawsuits, profit losses, rumors that didn't pan out,
March 22, 2007
It's been a rough couple of weeks, folks. Lawsuits, profit losses, rumors that didn't pan out, investigations, you name it, we've read about it. With the U.S. wireless industry's largest confab--CTIA Wireless--to be held in the Sunshine state next week, let's hope those Florida rays and McDisneyTown put the industry in a more celebratory mood.First, let's round up the bad news.

Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nokia are all slinging patent litigation mud at one another. Motorola dropped its earnings estimates by about $1 billion for the first quarter of 2007 and CEO Ed Zander decided to skip his own keynote at next week's CTIA Wireless trade show. Cingular lost a $30 million lawsuit in California. Palm is/isn't for sale, and the Google phone does/doesn't exist depending on what rumors you care to pay attention to. And Nortel is under investigation by the SEC for accounting irregularities. All in all, not good news.

Of course, there was some good news recently, too. I can't quite remember what it was, but something positive happened somewhere in the wireless industry, I am sure. Ah, yes! More people are watching advertising on their cell phones. See, I told you something positive happened.

Will the torrent of wireless news from Orlando next week be more cheerful? With Orlando said to bring out the kid in everyone, let's hope so.

And when you look at the sheer number of parties listed for next week, we have you assume that at least a few people are going to have a good time, positive news or not. The Orlando Hard Rock Cafe and other local venues are seemingly booked straight with private corporate parties and receptions, hosting such acts as Live, the Foo Fighters, Hootie and the Blowfish and more.

Over-the-Air blogger-in-chief Stephen Wellman and I will both be there to filch off the corporate dollar, eat and drink for free, and hopefully report on some good news.