Videocast: Firefox Heading For A Wall

Like I said, this is my first effort, so it's not exactly an awar
My Web video debut describes how Firefox's stalled market share and the threat of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 could mean big trouble soon for the plucky, open-source browser. Download the video here (Windows Media format, 2 min., 7 sec, 7.3 MB), or, if you have your podcasting software pointing at this blog, the video should download automatically.

Like I said, this is my first effort, so it's not exactly an award-winner, production-wise. My goals were modest: to produce an intelligent video, in which you could see me and easily hear what I was saying, and which included a couple of cool graphics. Looking at the final product, I can see a couple of glaring production mistakes.

- The video shows a guy with a prodigiously huge head inexplicably crowded into one corner of the frame. I should have pointed the camera lower down.

- I wore a T-shirt. Hey, I always wear a T-shirt this time of year when working from home. I just wasn't thinking that I was filming myself for a video that was going out over the Internet. Duh.

You have two reasons to watch the video: (1) Well-reasoned discussion about Firefox's upcoming troubles or (2) Laugh at how much of a doofus I look like.