Citrix, Carpathia Launch XenServer Cloud Service

Carpathia Hosting and Citrix Systems combine to produce a cloud service running virtual machines under XenServer.
In addition, Greaves wrote in an email exchange with InformationWeek, that special, secure, and private facilities will be made available in the InstantOn cloud. They include:

  • Hardened virtual operating system images for use in virtual machines to guard against outsider security exploits. Monitoring agents for the system are included.
  • Network support over a private virtual local area network with private addressing.
  • Support for implementing firewalls on a virtual machine and an intrusion protection system.
  • Support for open source tripwire security.
  • Support for deploying a hybrid cloud infrastructure, where some operations, such as databases, remain on an on-premises physical server, while database applications serving Web site users run in the cloud.

Greaves said by email that the Carpathian services ensure a more private operation, when desired, than the "simple, flat networking that is normally the case in public clouds."

In addition, he said Carpathia's InstantOn services can impose Secure Sockets Layer, virtual private networking and RSA public key/private key certificates to particular data handling operations in the cloud. Such a move would allow the tracking of accountability in the cloud and allow operations to be audited, if necessary.

"We support continuous compliance scanning where virtual machines are validated daily," he wrote. In addition, in the event of a virtual machine failure, Carpathia implements ITIL based incident management processes, or best practices set by the IT Infrastructure Library, for discovering why and reestablishing the VM.

Greaves is a former distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems who was CTO of its Services business.