How to Measure Your Cloud Success in Kilowatts

A Gartner analyst suggests kilowatts can be “the perfect progress metric” for implementation of an enterprise cloud strategy. -- Data Center Knowledge

You’ve done the legwork. You’ve spoken with consultants, gathered stakeholder input inside your company, interviewed vendors, assessed risk -- you’ve done all the due diligence needed to create your cloud strategy. You now have the blueprint for moving applications from your own data centers to the cloud: your enterprise cloud strategy.

A year into implementation of the strategy, however, your boss will likely ask how it’s going, and they’ll want some metrics that illustrate either success or failure. Will you tell them how many of the company’s applications are now running in the cloud? Will you tell them how many servers you’ve shut down in the data center, or how much storage capacity you no longer need to maintain? Will you list all the new functionality your cloud provider makes possible for your applications?

Neither of those things will paint the full picture. 

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